Replacement Mitsubishi TPMS Sensors

Multi-Protocol TPMS Sensors

These sensors are direct replacements for the original parts, except that one sensor contains "many protocols." In other words, fewer part numbers cover a wide range of OE part numbers. New OE part numbers can either be a revision in application coverage, or sometimes a new part release.

How Bartec Tools work with Mitsubishi Multi-Protocol TPMS Sensors

Multi-protocol sensors present a unique challenge. The TPMS tool must be able to decode the correct information from the many protocols being transmitted. Once fitted, use a Tech600Pro tool to properly complete the RELEARN step. Re-set the system, check sensor communication, and have the confidence of a job done right!

Programmable TPMS Sensors

These sensors require programming [usually with a programmer or TPMS Tools] before installation. Programmable sensors typically have fewer part numbers and cover a wide range of OE part numbers. Because they are programmable, they tend to offer latest coverage without part number supersession.

How Bartec Tools work with Mitsubishi Programmable TPMS Sensors

Bartec TPMS Tools can program the most popular of aftermarket replacement sensors! Using the same tool that performs, Test Before Touch, DTC’s reads and the all-important relearn step, the technician can feel confident that the part is accurately configured for the vehicle being worked on. Only Bartec has bundled all of the TPMS service steps into easy to use service tools, making sensor programming easy and fast, and vehicle repair accurate and affordable!

Rite-Sensor® TPM Sensor Features

  • Only Rite-Sensor® features Rite-Sync® Technology!
  • Configures in less than 3 seconds
  • Programs & Updates in less than 10 seconds
  • Dual Frequency [315 MHz and 433 MHz]
  • 97%, Single SKU Application Coverage
  • Comes with BOTH Rubber and Clamp In Valve Stem
  • Programs with Bartec TPMS Tools
  • Programs in free space or assembled in the wheel
  • Programming process is directed by the tool
  • Complete offering including replacement valves and service kits

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